Embassy Real Property Turnaround Essentials (October 2024)

This course opens on 10/15/2024.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 hour per week

The Embassy Property Turnaround Essentials Course is a specialized virtual, 90-day course designed to equip real-estate property managers and housing specialists with the knowledge and skills needed to efficiently manage and turnaround government-owned and leased residential properties for new occupants, while ensuring compliance with federal acquisition regulations, maintaining effective communication with stakeholders, and working with responsible parties to ensure the timely completion of make ready tasks.

MRA – Embassy Real-estate Turnaround Essentials

access until January 11, 2025 12:00 am
  • 90-day make-ready virtual training
  • Course starts on October 15, 2024
  • Kickoff webinar (invite will be sent via E-mail)
  • Access to three live virtual sessions
  • Ongoing access to the MRA network of embassy real-estate professionals
  • Access to tear-sheets, templates, and technology assistance


  • Module 1: Introduction to Property Management Administration
    • Overview of Property Management in U.S. Embassy Posts
    • Roles and Responsibilities of Real-estate & Housing Administrators 
    • Understanding Make Ready Tasks
    • Project Management and the Importance of Timely Turnaround
    • The Core Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Module 2: Identifying the Total Scope of Make Ready Efforts
    • Project Scoping Tactics to Identify and Prioritize Make Ready Tasks
    • Leveraging Checklists and Inspection Protocols as Project Tools
    • Assessing Property Condition and Needs
    • Identifying Common Maintenance and Repair Issues
  • Module 3: Navigating Difficult Requirements
    • Understanding Diverse Occupant Needs and Preferences
    • Handling Special Requests and Unique Accommodations
    • Building Flexibility into Your Project Execution Approach
    • Change Management Principles and Handling Evolving Requirements
  • Module 4: Procuring Vendors and Working with Contractors
    • Creating Effective Solicitations and RFPs to Ensure Success
    • Evaluating, Selecting, and Hiring Reliable Contractors
    • Creating Contractor Performance Monitoring Systems
    • Handling Disputes and Issues with Contractors
  • Module 5: Effective Communication and Coordination
    • Communication Strategies with New Occupants
    • Strategies for Coordinating Tasks with Contractors and Third Party Vendors
    • Addressing Rapid Turnaround Requirements
    • Project Management Tools for Communication and Collaboration
  • Module 6: Efficient Resource & Stakeholder Management
    • Managing Expectations and Ensuring Clear Instructions
    • Budgeting as a Fundamental Project Management Skill
    • Resource Optimization and Cost Control in Make Ready Projects
    • Leveraging Technology for Resource Use and Tracking
  • Module 7: Handling Changes, Delays and Project Challenges
    • The Make Ready Leader’s Role in Risk Management
    • Risk Management Strategies to Handle Potential Delays
    • Managing Time Constraints and Deadlines
    • Problem Solving Strategies for Unexpected Challenges
    • Contingency Planning for Delayed Efforts
  • Module 8: Quality Assurance and Inspection Procedures
    • Quality is a Beginning Not an End: the Value of the PWS
    • Conducting Property Inspections
    • Addressing Non-compliance Issues or Poor Quality
    • Documenting, Reporting, and Tracking Inspection Results
  • Module 9: Risk and Crisis Management
    • Handling Property Damage and Emergencies
    • Emergency Response Planning and Crisis Management
    • Preparedness and Decision-making in a Crisis Situation
  • Module 10: Continuous Improvement and Feedback Mechanisms
    • Introduction to Developing Performance Metrics and KPIs
    • The Foundations of Continual Improvement in the Make Ready Process
    • Collecting Feedback from New Occupants
    • Implementing the System of Success