Embassy Real-estate Turnaround Essentials (October 2024)

The Embassy Property Turnaround Essentials Course is a virtual, 90-day specialized course designed to equip property management and administrators with the knowledge and skills needed to efficiently manage and turnaround government-owned and leased residential properties for new occupants, while ensuring compliance with federal acquisition regulations, maintaining effective communication with stakeholders, and working with responsible parties to ensure the timely completion of make ready tasks.

MRA – Embassy Real-estate Turnaround Essentials (October 2024)

  • 90-day make-ready virtual training
  • Course starts on April 10, 2024
  • Kickoff webinar (invite will be sent via E-mail)
  • Access to three live virtual sessions
  • Ongoing access to the MRA network of professionals
  • Access to tear-sheets, templates, and technology assistance